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Cable Operators stop showing Indian TV channels

KARACHI- The All Pakistan Cable Operators Association (Apcoa) has announced in Karachi on Monday that it has completely stopped showing India TV channels.

Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Monday evening, Apcoa Chairman Hassan Mustafa, said in line with the government’s decision of banning Indian TV channels, the Association while appreciating the government’s standard banned to show about 18-20 Indian channels with immediate effect.

Hassan said the Association fully endorsed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) decision to ban Indian channels.

He said we are first Pakistanis and we can never tolerate the false propaganda against Pakistan by the Indian TV channels, adding almost all the cable operators have stopped showing Indian TV channels.

The Apcoa chief said there are five to six cable operators, which are showing various Indian channels to its viewers, and added that after the ban on Indian channels, the Association has decided to show other foreign channels whose programmes fulfil our values.

He said apart from ban imposed by the government of Pakistan on Indian channels, the government has also banned other channels like Vox, ILT-2 Tele Track FilmSat.

Hassan Mustafa said the Association fully supports the policies of the government, and added that we are ready to defend every inch of our soil.

He also said instead of adopting the policy of initiating of war, the Indian government should come to table and resolve the issues through dialogue, which Pakistan had already offered to India.

The Apcoa chief said the Pakistan Advertising Association has also banned the advertisement on Indian channels soon after the government of Pakistan imposed ban on showing Indian TV channels.

He said the Association is also thankful to its viewers and the people of Pakistan who also accepted the ban imposed by the government of Pakistan on showing Indian TV channels.

Hassan Mustafa, however, said the private sector should come forward, and establish TV channels so that the people of Pakistan are not inclined to watch Indian channels.
Source: Business Recorder