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=> by the violence in Karachi between December 27 and

by the violence in Karachi between December 27 and 31 in the aftermath of PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

The city government has established its complaint centre on the ground floor at the civic centre, and at the DCO’s camp office, the old Commissioner’s House, Club Road. Hundreds of applications were received since Saturday and among these applicants many had the complaints of shops and cabins looted and among them four mobile phone shops were looted.

In the loot and plunder, an ice factory in Malir and a resident of Kharadar lodged a complaint to the effect that his trailer worth millions of rupees had been totally burnt.

A towel factory was torched in Korangi on December 28 , 2007.

The Nazim’s secretariat received complaints of 600 vehicles being burnt. Among these were a cabin valued at a minimum of Rs50,000 and factory worth more than a million rupees being looted and set ablaze.

However, none of the banks reported losses or fire. This is despite the fact that as per official reports more than 40 banks in Karachi have been set on fire or looted.

The applicants have been asked to submit an application along with a copy of the FIR, NIC, and ownership documents, with a detailed account of the losses and obtain a receipt.

Applicants after submitting their applications were seen frantically enquiring as to when they would get the compensation of their losses. Officials were unable to furnish them a satisfactory reply.

Some of the applicants complained that there was no proper display of complaint centres.

The Nazim secretariat officials said they would continue to collect applications till the city Nazim or DCO ordered them to stop.

The President’s and Prime Minister’s secretariats Islamabad are closely monitoring the whole process.

The complaint centre of CDGK 1339 is also receiving complaints, which is working round the clock, and they are providing computer code number.. The call centre is personally monitored by City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal and DCO Karachi Javed Hanif.
Source: The News