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BSO announces boycott of TV channels

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QUETTA: Baloch Students Organisation (BSO) has announced boycott of all television news channels forthwith and closing them for indefinite period all over Balochistan from the second of next month against ignoring coverage of problems being faced by the province on the electronic media.

Announcing the decision at a press conference, BSO Central Organiser Javed Baloch said the concerned media representatives and officials have been told about this state of affairs. He lamented that their point of view has been ignored. He said BSO is a people’s and national representative organization and it is disheartened by the electronic media.

Javed Baloch asked all national organisations and nation loving forces and nation loving journalists to help BSO in making the historic movement a success. He said the geo-political location of Balochistan contains within itself interest of the world. This situation invites Baloch nation to ponder as to how they should save their natural resources, long coastline and ancient language and culture from intrigues of national and international forces.

The answer to these questions depends on independent and impartial media, he said adding the role of media had been sorrowful. If at all something is published about Balochistan after ignoring everything that too is contrary to ground realities and tantamount to dragging away attention of international human rights organisations and sprinkling salt over the wounds of the masses of Balochistan.

He said the electronic media in Balochistan is leaving no space in character assassination of the genuine leadership of the province. These channels do cover the fashion show sit-ins of Islamabad, the Metro Bus of Lahore and telephonic songs from Karachi but have no space for thousands of extra judicial abductions and arrests, recovery of mutilated dead bodies, findings of mass graves, political democratic process and violations of human rights.

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