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Broadband services depict 40% growth with 3.79m subscribers

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ISLAMABAD: Broadband subscription in the country has depicted a growth over 40 percent during last year, reaching 3.79 million subscribers mark as compared to 2.72 million during 2013. This means 1.07 million new subscribers joined broadband networks during the year. A latest statistics issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) remained a major player in providing broadband services and it has been successful in getting major share of broadband market by providing multitude of services and technologies under its umbrella. Ranging from ownership of international optical fiber links to availability of both fixed (DSL) and wireless (EvDO) broadband services, PTCL maintained a stronghold on almost every facet of the broadband market.

Currently PTCL has 80 percent share of the subscriber base, consisting of 3.03 million subscribers including fixed and wireless broadband services. The strength of the incumbent can be gauged from the fact the net additions of PTCL i.e 1,106,025 are actually more than of the entire broadband sector combined. EvDO has been the main reason behind this growth due to 827,496 new subscribers added during 2014. The statistics revealed growth rate of the broadband industry has been gradually declining with every passing year however trend has reversed during 2014. This is also supplemented by the fact for the first time, broadband market has added over a million subscribers in a fiscal year, which is a welcome sign for future.

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