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Blocking sims

THE technology of blocking snatched, stolen or lost cellphones through IMEI number has been adopted widely across the globe by many countries.

The same technology was implemented for the first time in Pakistan by the Sindh police in Karachi.

A special department was formed to deal with such cases, i.e to block the lost, stolen or snatched cellphones in Karachi and later on the work circle of this body/department was enhanced for the country at large.

This department of the Karachi police is known as ‘Citizen-Police Liaison Committee’ (CPLC).

Any person can easily put his complaint by filling the online complaint form on the committee’s official web site ( provided that the affected person knows the IMEI number of his or her lost, stolen or snatched cellphone.

A year ago, during a journey by public transport in AJK, the cellphone of my wife was lost. Soon after the incident, I put my complaint on the committee’s official website.

But after the passing of more than one year, I am still waiting for any reply from the CPLC that the lost cellphone is being blocked by them.

I request the CPLC or the Karachi police to adopt measures to ensure the efficiency of the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee’.