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‘Better to die fighting’, ‘Will war save us?’ – Journalists’ comment on carnage

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LAHORE: Commenting on the suicide attacks on a church in Peshawer, senior investigative journalist Ansar Abbasi told Geo News that the prime minister and people were disappointed was comprehensible, but when the government and political parties decided to go for talks to resolve this issue, they knew many challenges lay ahead.

In case of a military operation, entire nation would have to unite. Rejecting the military operation option, Abbasi warned that in the wake of any such operation, the entire country would witness Peshawer-like attacks and common man would be the soft target.

He said fight against an identified enemy was not an issue, but the nation was faced with a faceless enemy. He said the country had lost 50,000 lives, and asked that should the country bear the loss of another 50,000 lives. He stressed the need for a ceasefire from both sides to move forward.

Geo News anchorperson Kamran Khan said {M Nawaz Sharif’s reaction to the attacks, was natural. He said the attacks on Pak Army in Upper Dir and the church were answer to the Pakistanis’ and their leaders’ desire for peace.

And now no Pakistani would disagree if the PM and political leaders concluded that they were unable to further the quest for peace. He said Taliban hadn’t changed their policy and 105 terrorist incidents had occurred in the past 105 days.

Geo News anchorperson Hamid Mir said that asking a prime minister who had decided to go for peace talks after an APC after the Peshawer church carnage would amount to surrendering the state’s writ. Rejecting the option of talks, he said the killers were worse than beasts and it was better to die fighting them than going for talks with them. The day the nation decided to them, they would take to their heels, he added.

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