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Benazir’s photo exhibition opens at museum

KARACHI: An exhibition of photographs to mark the 5th death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, organised by the culture department of Sindh, opened at the National Museum of Pakistan on Wednesday.

The black and white and colour pictures of the assassinated politician and visionary adorn the walls on the first floor of the museum. A reasonable number of images are from her childhood days, the standout among them is the one in which all the four siblings are innocently looking into the camera.

A beautiful black-and-white grab, perhaps when she was a teenager, shows Ms Bhutto waving to someone as a photographer clicks his camera behind her. A stone-made building on whose terrace men and women stand in awe of the young girl form the background to the picture.

Some touching photographs taken when she was delivering her last speech in Rawalpindi are also on display. Two of the images that follow are of Ms Bhutto waving to the crowd with a smile after the speech and when she lifts her head out of the sunroof of the car to acknowledge the cheers of her admirers.

A moving picture from the Oct 18 incident is there as well. Apart from Ms Bhutto’s pictures, some black-and-white images of her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in a way, complete the sequence of the exhibition. In one picture he is seen with China’s Zhou Enlai in 1974 and in another with Shaikh Zaid bin Sultan in Larkana in 1975.

In the latter photograph Shahnawaz Bhutto can also be seen talking to his father. And a photo taken at 70 Clifton a couple of hours before Z.A. Bhutto’s arrest creates a disturbing scene. The exhibition, inaugurated by Sindh minister Sassui Palijo, will continue till Dec 31.


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