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Be careful: ‘Deleted data can be retrieved from your laptops, phones’

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KARACHI: Data can be retrieved from your computers or phones very easily even if it has been deleted, said Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) women complaint cell head Nusrat Haris.

She, along with CPLC chief Ahmed Chinoy, was briefing the students at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University during their visit on Wednesday about the functioning of the committee and its various departments. An awareness seminar was organised at the varsity.

According to Haris, CPLC is also working on the cybercrime law. She informed the students that data can be recovered from laptops, mobile phones or any other device very easily even if it has been deleted. “Girls should be very careful about keeping their pictures in their cell phones,” she said.

Haris said the women complaint cell receives the most complaints regarding violence after marriage. “We receive complaints about physical, mental and verbal violence,” she said, urging female students to report anything that bothers them, especially harassment.

Chinoy said the CPLC is working to restore peace in the city, restore citizens’ trust in the law enforcers, combat crimes such as kidnappings, extortion and robberies, and manage the police complaint cell.

“At the CPLC, 99.9 per cent of calls are answered,” he claimed. He informed the youth that the CPLC helpline is a 24-hour complaint number where any citizen can lodge her/his complaints.

With the help of a graphical representation, he explained that the crime rate in Karachi has been reduced following the targeted operation in the city. According to him, 2,507 murder cases were reported in the city in 2013 while only 1,407 were reported in 2014. Moreover, only 229 murder cases have been reported since the start of 2015.

Similarly, he presented a graph with data on mobile phone snatchings in the city. “In 2013, 21,885 mobile phones were snatched,” he said, adding that 32,779 phones were snatched in 2014, and 10,361 cases were reported in 2015.

Appreciating the role of law enforcement agencies in Karachi, he said that the CPLC has been assisting them. “We provide our analyses and reports to the law enforcement agencies,” he said.

He invited the students to join the CPLC as volunteers. “With the help of a donor, CPLC is working towards building 128 toilets at different public places,” he said. According to him, the committee is working towards building public schools and installing biometric system in the jails of Karachi.

Chinoy further asked the students to report any suspicious activities they come across. “If you will not report the crime, the crime rate will increase,” he said, adding that only 20 to 25 per cent of the people report criminal cases.

Chinoy and Haris announced that the CPLC will soon be inaugurating an office in Sukkur.

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