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Ban on Indian channels challenged

LAHORE- The imposition of ban on broadcasting of foreign channels on cable net work had been challenged in the Lahore High Court.

The petitioner MD Tahir has submitted that Chairman PTV in a Press conference held on December 30, last, imposed the ban on broadcasting of various channels emanating from foreign countries.

The chairman was of the view that those channels had been spoiling the image of Pakistan through propaganda and partial news bulletins against Pakistan.

The petitioner, however was of the view that those channels were providing knowledge and latest information to their viewers, whereas, PTV on the other hand had not been showing the true picture of the international situation since September 11 last. The Petitioner stated that people had been watching the foreign channels to get appropriate and authentic information’s.

He contended that PTV Chairman could not deprive the citizens from their constitutional right to information by restrictions. The petitioner stated that many of the banned channels including Star TV and Aljazera TV had nothing to do with India.

Source: The Nation