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Babar Azeemi exhibits ‘Chaukhat’ at Revivers

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Lahore: An exhibition of paintings titled, ‘Chaukhat’ by Babar Azeemi opened at the Revivers Galleria on Tuesday.

Some 38 selected paintings were put on display. The artist uses oil on paper as his primary medium to express his artistic approach and thoughts.

Azeemi became an important part of the Pakistani artist scene only very recently. His artistic prowess lies in his experimental approach towards his work and the kind of research that he puts into each one of his paintings. His approach to art has given him an individual identity among the artists in the country. Hailing from Tando Muhammad Khan, he is a self-taught artist, who thrives on the creativity originating from within the deeply oppressive social and political realities of his Sindhi identity.

The main subject of his work continues to be women, who he has painted in a stylised manner. He creates an imaginary world around them instilling within the painting a sense of nostalgia and days gone by.

His colour palette, though employing a range of colours, remains sober.

His collection of paintings is best described as Eastern – the women have slanted eyes, almost close but open; they are adorned in jewellery with parrots, sitars and the moon occupying the rest of the painting.
Azeemi also borrows architectural elements from Mughal buildings to decorate his paintings and give it that truly Eastern look.

While talking to fellow artists, Azeemi said, “I am very happy about this solo exhibition after almost three years.

I feel good by the enthusiasm shown by my fellow artists and art lovers. Such a response gives me a lot of encouragement.”

This was Azeemi’s eighth solo show, first at the Revivers Galleria. He has also participated in numerous group shows in Pakistan and abroad. The exhibition will continue until April 3.

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