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Axact owns channel, IPO confirms to Pemra

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ISLAMABAD: Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO) in response to Pemra queries has officially informed it that M/s Axact (Pvt) Ltd, in different months of the year 2013, had applied for registration of around sixty names and logos of channels starting with word ‘BOL’ but nothing is registered and all cases are still pending.

IPO has also confirmed to Pemra that ‘BOL’ was registered under file no- 238904 dated July 11, 2007 as “Independent Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, Printing House, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan” for the purpose of Goods/Services, 41 Entertainment services in the nature of television, talent show, musical performances, and the production of radio and television programs.

IPO in its July 28, 2015 letter to Pemra informed the authority that it was unable to trace/search in class 38 and 41 in its database the name of the company M/s Labbaik (Pvt) Ltd and another company M/s Axact (Pvt) Ltd has applied for the registration of BOL, BOL News, BOL Entertainment and other more than 50 names and logos with names of cities with word BOL etc. In a 45 pages letter to Pemra, IPO has detailed the applications moved by M/s Axact (Pvt) Ltd for registration of dozens of TV channel names, logos and TV related brands logos all involving word “BOL” which IPO had registered back in 2007.

According to Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), more than 99% shares of M/s Axact (Pvt) Ltd are owned by a foreigner UAE-based company. Under section 25(C) of the Pemra law, licence shall not be granted to companies the majority of whose shares are foreign investment. Section 25(C) reads; “25. Certain persons not be granted licence:- A licence shall not be granted to; a company the majority of whose shares are owned or controlled by foreign nationals or companies whose management or control is vested in foreign nationals or companies.”

Pemra, which was bound to investigate and probe all facts relating to ownership of TV channels (news or entertainment) during the change of ownership and inclusion of new shareholders, remained criminally silent during the tenure former chairman Chaudhry Rasheed and in blatant violation of crucially important section 25 of Pemra law, the licence was awarded to a company majority of whose shares were in fact a foreign investment. No case has so far been registered against former chairman though after clear and detailed letter of IPO and documents of Pak SAT, all aspects of case have been proved.

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