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Attacks on Kamran Khan, Ansar Abbasi: SCBA candidate want permanent ban on Raja Riaz

By Dilshad Azeem

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) would move the court of law for a lifetime ban on Raja Riaz for describing those who helped restoration of an independent judiciary in the Musharraf rule as Indian agents, a SCBA presidential candidate promised on Wednesday.

“Not only his membership should be terminated but also a permanent ban must be put on his holding any public office besides a heavy damages suit should be initiated,” said SCBA presidential candidate Ahmed Owias, advocate, while talking to The News.

To a question, he said he along with his professional panel is ready to extend assistance to the Jang Group to file simultaneously, a criminal and a civil case against Raja Riaz for his accusations against credible journalists.

“Riaz adopted an uncivilised manner while expressing an irresponsible attitude, which does not suit a parliamentarian,” he said, adding, “He could be made a respondent individually though his three-day statements reflect the policy of the treasury party towards the judiciary and the media.”

Both The Editor Investigations, The News, Ansar Abbasi and Geo’s senior anchorperson Kamran Khan, he said, played a commendable role in the lawyers’ two-year struggle, ultimately getting the judiciary restored. “We, the legal fraternity, can never forget the media contribution in general and Jang group in particular for an independent judiciary during and after the long struggle.”

Ahmed Owais is fielded by the Professional Panel for the SCBA election scheduled for October 27 (coming Wednesday). A prominent human rights activist Asma Jehangir and Ikram Chaudhry are the other two candidates in the run as sitting SCBA President Qazi Anwer was also launched by the Professional Panel.

“This is something funny as everyone knows how much promises he made and materialised,” he said with a big laughter when asked about Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s statement that Raja Riaz gave comment in his personal capacity. Owais said that he, along with his team, would file a suit against Raja Riaz after winning the election. “We have a clear majority to go ahead and stand with the judiciary led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and the independent media.

“Riaz has not only ruined the sanctity of the floor of the House (Punjab Assembly) but also committed a serious crime while describing journalists like Ansar Abbasi and Kamran Khan – who otherwise must be given awards for exposing the power-broker’s corruption and nefarious designs – as Indian and US agents.”

The SCBA candidate agreed that the Jang group was being targeted for speaking the truth, exposing the corruption, struggling for independent judiciary and unearthing the government plan to withdraw the executive order to re-install PCO judiciary.

The government, the SCBA presidential-hopeful said, would have filed a case against the group in the defamation laws if the story about the withdrawal of executive order was incorrect. “The government’s silence and aftermath developments are enough to establish that it was a correct story broke well within time aborting the ill-conceived plan.

“The media would find us, the legal fraternity, behind it whether it is the streets or the court of law as we cannot leave it alone at the time of trial or in an awkward situation. The journalists will find our support everywhere like we had theirs in the struggle for revival of the judiciary.”

The journalists’ whom Raiz described agents, Owais said, had a tremendous role which must be appreciated by every patriotic citizen rather tolerating the government levelling unfounded and serious allegations against them.

Source: The News