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Assault on the media

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WITH coronavirus disrupting routine lives, economies and endangering large swaths of the world’s population, nowhere is it business as usual except in our beloved land.

The arrest of Jang-Geo chief editor Mir Shakilur Rehman and the reaction of the media freedoms and human rights organisation in Pakistan as well as around the globe against the move made clear they have serious doubts that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) acted in good faith.

In a leader in yesterday’s edition, voicing its concern, this newspaper rightly pointed out the arrest “highlighted the anti-graft watchdog’s high-handedness and propensity to target critics … In a move that bears all the telltale signs of a witch-hunt, the bureau called Mr Rehman to appear before it and then proceeded to arrest him for allegedly ­acquiring land through illegal means”.

These suspicions were further fuelled when a photograph of the media mogul appeared first on one of his TV channel’s main rival channels and then adorned the social media, which shows him standing behind bars in a tiny, cramped cell. This was some twisted mind’s attempt to humiliate him.

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