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Asma’s remarks

THIS refers to a talk show at a private TV channel on May 26. During the show when the host asked Asma Jahangir about the role of the Pakistan Army in politics, she came hard on the generals.

This attitude on the part of Asma is in poor taste as such language was not expected from a person of her status. She must know that she is not watched and listened to only by viewers in Pakistan but also abroad. She should be careful in her choice of words regarding the army as such remarks would only tarnish the image of this fine state institution in the eyes of the viewers.

I may also mention here that while she was blasting the army, a retired admiral was also present in the show as a participant.

When he was asked that he was also a general and that these remarks were applicable to him as well, he quickly replied that he was not a general but an admiral.

I was taken aback on listening to the remarks of the admiral. If he was not a general, then what else was he? He was from one of the three arms of the defence services and belonged to the same category. It did not matter whether he was from the army, navy or air force.

As regards Asma’s outburst against the army, I wish that the host had invited a retired army general to the programme who would have given an appropriate reply to Asma’s tirade.


Criticism and morality

ONE is amazed to watch Asma Jahangir speaking nonstop to criticise Pakistan armed forces. The citizens of Pakistan have indeed the right to indicate weaknesses of the armed forces but there should be difference in criticism and unparliamentary language.

Asma must realise that she is not only an analyst but also the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association. The nation has seen the role performed by Aitzaz Ahsan. He was sober, decent and used to convey his viewpoint with logic. Criticism must come with true national spirit. Will the advocate community take notice of Asma’s loose talk?
Source: Dawn