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Art on vehicles

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WAITING at a bus stand we see many things that attract attention.

The colourful art on buses, trucks and auto rickshaws has become part of Pakistani culture and serves as a unique identity of our country.

These moving (pun unintended) specimens of art play an important role in relieving the daily monotony in our lives. Usually there are quotes, funny quips and poetry written on the back and sides. Not only is the exterior, a glorious blaze of colour but the interior is also well-decorated with lights, beads, and artistic knicks and knacks.

Vehicular art has inspired the fashion industry so much that decorated vehicles on the shirts of youth are a new trend in which youngsters take pride making a fashion statement about all that is good about Pakistan.

I urge all Pakistanis to promote our culture so that Pakistan becomes synonymous for creativity and artistic pursuits.

Sundus Haroon