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Art scene: An explosion of colour

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KARACHI: Fresh talent and experienced hands came together under one roof as Grandeur Art Gallery opened its doors to eleven artists on Tuesday evening. Both the seasoned and emerging artists’ paintings and sculptures were on exhibit, ranging in colour, imagery and concept.

Nature remained a consistent feature in the work of the majority of the artists. There were an abundance of landscape paintings, all exhibited in different ways despite the similarity of thought.

Henna Nayyar is one such artist for whom nature has always been a source of refreshment and inner peace. Her intricately designed trees, with their finely crafted flowers and branches using oil, had a soothing effect on onlookers.

“It is my expression for happiness,” explained Nayyar. “Especially nowadays when you live in closed quarters and you need a source of refreshment. My work offers me this,” she added.

Similarly, Alia Akbar, a fresh art school graduate, made use of mixed media to show her reverence for nature. “Landscapes are a fresh concept. They give a lot of room to work with colour,” she said.

The explosion of colour at the exhibition was a common thread among the artists; their imagery and concept may have been different, but their used of colour united them.

Artwork with bright, blooming colours stood out, attracting people like moths to a flame. Yousuf Shah, who habitually paints in water colours and oil, exhibited women in rich, expressive colours. With sharp, distinguished features, the women appeared to be lost in their own world, some playing dhols and tambourines.

Sukaina, an artist from Lahore who displayed solitude in two different stages in shades of blue, depicted disappointment turning into silent aggression via body language.

In contrast to these prospering colours, Abdul Hameed’s work on the historical, old city scenery diluted and balanced the gallery’s environment. The browns and greys of the old buildings and the serene and dull background with wires hanging off pylons reminded the viewers of the city’s good old days.

Television and theatre actor, Akbar Khan, showed another feather in his cap as he displayed his sculptures. With some of stone and marble craftsmanship, while others cast in moulds, the sculptures were diverse in their human form, while others appeared as geometrical shapes.

Although he also displayed acrylic and oil canvas paintings, Khan said sculptures were something he frequently experimented with. “It makes me feel closer to nature and it’s something I enjoy as a hobby,” he said.

The exhibition will continue till August 11 from 11am to 8:00pm Monday through Saturday.

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