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The art of photojournalism

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KARACHI: An exhibition of photographs taken by members of the Pakistan Association of Photojournalists (PAPJ) opened at the Alliance Francaise Karachi on Monday evening.

A majority of the pictures on display, as should be the case with photojournalism, bring to light the socio-political shortcomings in society. There are two reasons for praising the photographers who have taken poignant pictures.

One, their sense of newsworthiness, two, their ability to capture the moment when it’s self-sufficient, not relying on any back-story or waiting for the story to develop.

In this regard, an image of a woman in Hyderabad trying to beat the heat by pouring water over her is worth taking note of. The water that she is ostensibly using as a quick bathing technique is turbid, suggesting she’s scooping it out of the River Indus. The photographer, Nadeem Khawar, has very nicely captured the whole scene where the need to keep yourself clean and cool, and the method and means used for the purpose somehow cut a hard-to-classify picture.

Then there are pictures that bring a smile on the viewer’s face in appreciation for the camera-clickers’ works. An overhead shot taken by Gul Nawaz of a boy lying down amidst a bunch of watermelons is one such image.

Jehangir Khan’s photo of the flood-affected people in Khairpur making a queue to get food is a sharp reminder how the art of photography can be employed as a social tool in highlighting the problems faced by society.

The child sticking its hand out in order to jump the line or to get to foodstuff is a moving depiction of a serious situation.

The exhibition will remain open till May 18.