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Art of conversation: Artist finds self through East-West fusion

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KARACHI: Showcasing a fusion of the East and West, artist Farhat Ali opened his second solo show at Sanat Gallery on Tuesday.

The exhibition, titled ‘Intimate Encounters on the Fractured Landscape’, showcases 17 art pieces by the artist primarily made with the medium of gouache on wasli.

“This is a Mughal and Western painting inspired collection,” said Ali. He graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore, in 2015 with a major in painting. “We are taught in art schools how Western art is compiled and painted. However, I have tried to merge East and West in this collection.”

The artist merges European Renaissance figures with Mughal characters developing a new narrative altogether. For instance, one painting showcases a Mughal guard attacked two unarmed men and three cupids in the sky have aimed their arrows towards them. Another depicts a Mughal king in the arms of an English maiden.

Ali also mentioned that he has taken inspiration from other Pakistani artists such as Muhammad Zeeshan, Irfan Hasan, Resham Syed, Rashid Rana and Muhammad Ali Talpur. However, he insisted, “sometimes it is the technique that draws inspiration.”

The owner of the Gallery, Abid Merchant said, “It is Ali’s second solo show in two years. He has brilliantly fused the Mughal miniature art with European Renaissance paintings, giving the traditional miniature style an elaborate European feel to it.”

The show will continue till January 12