All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS)’ Federal Committee calls upon government to announce relief package for print media industry urgently -
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All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS)’ Federal Committee calls upon government to announce relief package for print media industry urgently

Pakistan Press Foundation

The Federal Committee of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) in a meeting while expressing reservations about the distribution of government ads, observed that the APNS member publications were constantly being ignored.

The committee further remarked that the way non-APNS publications were being accommodated rather on a regular basis, was indeed a source of disenchantment for the member publications.

The Federal Committee which met with GauharZahid Malik in chair also condemned vilification campaign against the Principle Information Officer (PIO) Mobashar Hassan adding the APNS committee, despite its reservations over distribution of ads, stood behind the PIO and will not be part of any negative campaign.

The committee termed the campaign baseless and false

It observed that the Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb during her last interaction with the APNS Executive Committee and in the presence of the Federal Information Secretary and the PIO had categorically stated to look after the periodicals properly, however, the committee members noted that nothing had been done so far in that regard.

There are certain periodicals that have not got even a single ad ever since this government has taken over, it was noted during the meeting and there was an urgent need to hold a meeting with the PIO as soon as possible and take up these issues with him.

The committee also held a threadbare discussion on the problems faced by the industry these days and suggested a number of ways to tackle them.

Chairman of the committee Gauhar Zahid Malik pointed out that the prices of the printing materials had sky-rocketed and yet the government was still to announce any relief measures.

The committee called upon the government to immediately announce an increase in the advertisement rates and other incentives in order to prop up the print media industry.

The committee members raised the issue of lack of cooperation from the offices of the President and the Prime Minister adding the print media journalists hardly got any invitations from these offices.

The committee resolved to take up the issue with the relevant quarters.

The committee extended its full support to the government’s efforts regarding relief and rehabilitation operations in the flood-hit areas.

It was also resolved during the meeting that the print media would continue to play its constructive role in highlighting miseries and plight of the flood-affected people in Balochistan and other areas of the country.

The committee was informed that efforts were being made to get appointment with Prime Minister for resolution of long-standing issues.

It was also suggested that the government should award “grant loans” to the print media industry and these loans could be settled in ads. This will serve as breather for small newspapers, it was noted by the committee members.

The committee also expressed concerns that the government was providing almost zero-business to print media which should be looked into urgently.

In view of the rising cost of newsprint, ink, labour and other expenses, the government should announce a generous relief package for the industry.

The meeting was chaired by Gauhar Zahid Malik while those who attended the meeting included Sheikh Danish Iftikhar, Khushnood Ali Khan, Tahir Mughal, Wasim Ahmed, Ansar Mahmood Bhatti, Rukhsana Saulat Saleemi and Tahir Jamil.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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