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All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) deplores failure to protect Business Recorder

Committee of Print Media, in its meeting here strongly deplored the failure of the administration in Karachi to provide security and protection to the Business Recorder resulting in the burning of its office and threat to life and property of the journalists.

The meeting decided that the Joint Action Committee comprising the working journalists, editors and publishers represented by their respective organisations namely Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), All Pakistan Newspaper Employees Confederation (APNEC), Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE) and All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) he reactivated to meet the challenges posed by the West violation of press freedom.

The meeting also called for measures to immediately start a dialogue with the religious and other organisations to ensure that their commitment to press freedom and refraining from violence against newspapers and newsmen is obtained as a firm commitment.

The meeting felt that the attack on Business Recorder was not a stray spontaneous accident but part of a planned conspiracy and need to be thoroughly investigated so that the real culprits are fully exposed and punished.

The meeting also directed that a representative deputation of the Joint Action Committee comprising working journalists, editors and publishers from the KUJ, APNS and CPNE should call on the Governor of Sindh, Mian Mohammad Soomro, at the earliest and apprise him of the feeling of the entire press community in Karachi over the attack on Business Recorder and seek from him assurances of proper protection of the newspapers and journalists in Sindh. The deputation would urge upon the governor for an early compensation of the properties and vehicles of newsmen and the newspaper damaged in the attack.

The meeting reiterated the faith of the entire press community including editors, journalists and publishers in the freedom of the pres as guaranteed under Article 19 of the Constitution and agreed that all possible steps be taken to ensure that press freedom is defended with all the strength of the press community against all forms of threats, pressures and violence. The meeting, however, opined that the religious and political parties as part of the society should engage in a meaningful dialogue with the Action Committee to reach a consensus on ensuring the sanctity of press freedom in Pakistan.

The meeting decided to hold a nationwide protest day against acts of violence and threats to the press, after due consultations with all the bodies of the press.

The meeting was convened by Sarfraz Ahmad and Tahir Najmi, president and secretary Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) and attended by Arshad Zuberi, Secretary General All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS), Osama Razi, member Executive APNS, Mahmud-al-Aziz and Waqar Azeemi from CPNE, Abdul Hameed Chhapra, Chairman APNEC, Khurshid Tanvir, President and Wali Rizvi, Secretary KPC.

Source: The News