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AlJazeera gaining viewer ship

According to TV cable operators in Defence, Clifton, PECHS, Tariq Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, North Nazimabad, Liquatabad and Gulistan-e-Johar, the AI jazeera channel’s English news service has relegated western satellite news channels to secondary places.
One of the leading TV cable operators in a posh area said that a large number of subscribers called them up, demanding that they show AI jazeera transmission when the channel launched its English news service.

Earlier, the Islamic Peace TV was the most sought after channel among local residents, he added. He said that a majority of subscribers preferred the CNN and the BBC for news coverage but now these subscribers, particularly those in Defence and Clifton, were moving to AI Jazeera.
Prof Dr Talat Wazarat, the chairperson of the Department of International Relations, the Karachi University, said that a major reason of the sudden increase in the viewer ship of AI Jazeera was the credibility of news and sources. She observed that foreign television channels often quoted news from AI jazeera Arabic channel which had enhance the
credibility of the Doha basedchannel.
The London and Atlanta based channels were thoroughly exposed for their biased reporting of 9/11 and coverage of recent events in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, she said.
The recent Israel Hezbollah war in Lebanon also highlighted the biased world view of the western news sources. These news channels imposed selfcensorship and aired only one-sided interpretation of the events. She said that AI Jazeera’s programmes were more balanced and informative than those of the western news channels.

Source: The Nation