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Akhtar Mengal’s guards missing since November

QUETTA: Fifteen of Balochistan National Party President Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s bodyguards and servants have been missing since he was moved from house arrest in Lasi Farmhouse in Lasbela, where his men were with him, to a jail in Karachi in November. BNP members believe they have been detained by intelligence agencies. Military Intelligence has taken them to “illegal military torture cells”, a BNP member said, “where hundreds of Baloch nationalists have been illegally detained”. The families of the missing people are concerned about their safety. According to BNP members, several hundred people have gone missing in the province in the last two years. The 15 missing people include Noor Ahmed (38), Abdullah (37), Amir Baksh (28), Haj Bin Gulbahar (36), Zafar Ibrahim (33), Shahnawaz Rahim (35), Rahim Baksh (48), Bahar Khan (44), Ahmed Gul (38), Ghulam Haider (38), Haji Jaffar (41), Bahadur Aziz (46), Abdul Khaliq (42), Noor Ahmed (37) and Mohammad Hassan (50). “Nobody knows where they are. They have not been charged in any case so far,” a BNP member said.
Source: Daily Times