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Ahsan penning book on child abuse

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Karachi-One of Pakistan’s top actors and models, Ahsan Khan is currently working on a book that deals with the problem of child sexual abuse. “I have always had great love for children,” says Ahsan Khan. “Their welfare and happiness is very important to me. When I was preparing for my role as a sexual predator in Udaari, I studied the problem of child sexual abuse, in great detail, especially as it exists in Pakistan. The statistics were horrifying. I was deeply distressed to learn about the pervasiveness of the menace in our country and made a promise to myself to fight to help reduce and, hopefully, eliminate child sexual abuse from not only Pakistan but the entire globe. The book is a first step towards making good on the promise.”

Titled COMING OF AGE – My Education in Child Sexual Abuse, the book is expected to be published in the spring of 2018. The book consists of three sections. The first section talks about Ahsan Khan’s experiences, thoughts and education in the area of child sexual abuse, while working in Udaari and the factors that contributed towards making him deeply concerned about child sexual abuse. The second section is educational. It clearly defines child sexual abuse and categorizes the crime. It talks about the problem and examines it in social, cultural, religious, and political perspectives. The third section is meant to help victims of child sexual abuse and their family members. It deals with recognizing child sexual abuse, protecting one’s self against it and recovering from abuse.

“Writing is tough, “says Ahsan Khan. “Up until last year, the idea of writing a book wouldn’t even have crossed my mind. Udaari and my study of the crime changed all that. I felt that I had the moral responsibility, not to mention a burning desire, to write about a problem that affected me in the deepest possible manner. All of us need to work towards protecting our children from abuse. They deserve that. The book is a step that I am taking as a citizen to help eliminate child sexual abuse.”

The cover of the book features a painting by Nisar Ahmed. “I have been collecting art for a few years,” says Ahsan Khan. “Nisar’s work has always appealed to me. I like his use of colour, technique and composition. He has a unique way of employing cubism in his work; it makes his paintings very interesting.”

A book tour is planned for the summer of the year 2018. “It will not be your regular book tour,” says Ahsan Khan proudly. “I envision it as a series of glitzy show business events where a serious message is discussed. I want people to attend the book readings and shows. There will be song and dance. That is sure to attract and entertain people, who will leave the shows, hopefully, with a greater understanding and awareness of child sexual abuse and, most importantly, with greater empathy towards victims of sexual abuse.”

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