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Advertising policy only after consultation with APNS: PIO

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KARACHI: The Principal Information Officer, Muhammad Tahir Hassan, has stated that the Ministry of Information has framed an advertising policy, which will be implemented after consultation with the APNS and other stakeholders.

Muhammad Tahir Hassan, PIO, explained the salient features of draft media policy and asked the APNS to provide its suggestions and observations so that the policy was finalized in consultation with the stakeholders. He also assured the Sindh Committee members that their concerns will be addressed to their satisfaction.

A meeting of the Sindh Committee of the APNS was held at the APNS House, Karachi, presided over by its Chairman Javed Mehr Shamsi wherein the PIO was invited as the chief guest. The President, APNS, Hameed Haroon, and the Secretary General, APNS, Sarmad Ali, welcomed the PIO and briefed him on the concerns of APNS on the Centralized Advertising Policy. They stated that the policy was a continuation of different schemes of the past regimes to control the media. The policy being implemented has barred the sponsoring clients to select their media as per their requirements. They further stated that such policy has resulted in centralization of the decision-making process of all ministries, departments and autonomous bodies, thus negating the independence of the sponsoring clients/ departments. They also noted with concern that the regional PID offices have been deprived of their role of recommendations. The members of the Sindh Committee also highlighted its concern over the policy and stated that Sindh-based publications are being completely ignored in the release of advertisements by the PID.

Following attended the meeting: Hameed Haroon, President, APNS, Sarmad Ali, Secretary General, APNS, Javed Mehr Shamsi, Chairman, Younus Mehr, Vice Chairman, Shahab Zuberi, Finance Secretary, Hasan Akbar (Daily Dawn), Bilal Farooqi (Daily Aghaz), Rafiq Ahmed Pirzada (Daily Pak Sindh), Najamuddin Sheikh (Daily Deyanat), Ali Bin Younus (Daily Beopar), Zahida Abbasi (Daily Nau Sijj), Kazi Sajjad Akbar (Daily The Regional Times), Faisal Shahjehan (Daily Jiddat, Karachi), Mangal Das Arwani (Daily Hilal-e-Pakistan), Imtiaz Akhter Qazi (Daily Tameer-e-Sindh), Mumtaz Ali Phulpoto (Daily Awami Parchar), Syed Akbar Tahir (Daily Jasarat), Nasrullah Jamali (Daily Sindh), Mukhtar Ahmed Aqil (Daily Farz), Iqbal Hussain Tunio (Daily Jang), Haseena Jatoi (Daily Moomal), Naseer Ahmad (Daily Sarwan), Mansoor Korai (Daily Waka), Faisal Zahid Malik (Daily Pakistan Observer), Mubasher Mir (Daily Pakistan, Karachi) and Syed Turrab Shah (Daily Ausaf).

S.M. Munir Jilani, Joint Secretary, APNS, attended on special invitation.

Muhammad Saleem (Daily Sindh Sujaag), Nisar Naz (Daily Sukaar) and Manzar Naqvi (The Financial Daily) also attended as observers.


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