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Active social media

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Gone are the days when one needed fervor, passion and power to put up a protest, now all this and much more is possible through the power of social media. Whether it is bashing the political system, creating stereotypical jokes or just enjoying some slapstick comedy, the social grounds never fails to amaze and entertain the general media. From celebrity hookups, the prime minister’s menu in the states to Malala’s honorary degree, it seems like the social media is an ultimate platform where everyone can vent out their emotions, frustration and what not.

Nobody can argue that social media has freed the general public from suppression of voicing their opinions and given everyone a right to speak up, but the power come with some strings attached. Be it rumors, ruses or controversial debates, the social connection does have its fair share of cons and the young blood surely needs to consider the other side of the coin when voicing their comment online.


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