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Access to rights

THIS is apropos of Ayesha Khan’s article ‘Access to rights’ (Aug 11) commending Nadra for registering women in large numbers, and calling it a very excellent development. For the planning and programming of any project in the country, reliable data is very essential. The NICs will help identify the economic and social status of women in the country.

The female population in Pakistan is mostly lagging behind in education. In the absence of data of illiterate females, programmes taken up so far for the betterment of women have generally proved failure and poverty alleviation is not visible. Whatever data is available after the registration can definitely guide in the establishment of schools for girls.

Women work at home all day long and look after the home affairs, besides child bearings. Their work is seldom accounted for. There is dire need for education of such women workforce so that they may utilise their skills and labour in earning livelihood and can help increase their income.

This would also help in raising the standard of living. An educated woman can surely cultivate culture of healthy and clean environment in the homes and around. Education task force can benefit from the latest Nadra’s data.

Source: Dawn