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I remember when I started working with Pakistan Broadcasting Cooptation (PBC) some fifteen years ago there used to be such professional broadcasters who used to advise the new talent to ‘read more’ so as to become a thorough-professional broadcaster. They used to say read more about people who have fought fear with courage and have succeeded in life. Through reading, you will gain knowledge and understanding, explore your creative side, explore your most original thoughts, it can do wonders for your power of thinking out of the box and to therefore positive. Even if you don’t think you’re naturally inclined toward creativity, there are a number of ways you can express yourself to become more positive. A good broadcaster is one who spends time with optimistic people because optimism is infectious and that is reflected in the speech of a broadcaster!

Nowadays when I watch a television “Talk Show” and some other program and listen to the highly paid anchors, many of them, never try to replace their negativity with positivity, they don’t avoid their “black and white” thinking. It appears that they have decided not to be positive thinkers at all. They never avoid ‘personalizing.’ It is only through reading that one becomes aware of the world happenings and also familiar with the sanctity of the mike and the spoken word. Is there anyone or any media and broadcasting academy or journalistic institute to arrange regular and proper broadcasting training for all those who come to speak in public?

Pakistani society nowadays with earthquakes and flood victims in Sindh and Balochistan are dying of hunger, diseases and water-borne diseases while our politicians and leaders are debating non-issues in their talk shows fuelling frustration and a growing sense of isolation and polarization in the morally bankrupt society.


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