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A fitting tribute to Munir Niazi

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LAHORE: Literati and admirers of Munir Niazi observed his 86th birth anniversary at the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture (Pilac) on Wednesday.

A book titled ‘Munir Niazi Ki Batain, Yadain’, a compilation of articles along with photographs by Tanveer Zahoor, was also launched. It also contains interviews of the late poet and opinion pieces about him.

Begum Naheed Munir Niazi, while speaking on the occasion, demanded that the chief minister name any underpass in Lahore after Munir Niazi and a postal stamp should be issued to honour him. She thanked Pilac for arranging the evening and praised Tanveer Zahoor for compiling the book.

She suggested that Munir Niazi’s ghazals should be recorded and some research work should be done on him. “Such people come after centuries and I am proud of my husband,” she said.

Dr Ajmal Niazi, who presided over the event, said among all the poets he had found Munir different because he had a unique approach towards life. This was the reason that his poetry stood on an unusual pedestal. He was a poet of new metaphors and similes.

Tanvir Zahoor said the major objective of printing such a book was not only to pay homage to his friendship with Munir but also to unveil different aspects of his life.

Poet Mansoor Afaq said Munir’s sentences (which he used to utter in day-to-day life) sounded well crafted. Such sentences revealed deep realities of life and had wit too.

Pilac Director Dr Sughra Sadaf said Munir Niazi was a poet who still has relevance in present times. “Great poets are like free souls and they have never been tied to the strings of time and space,” he said.

Dr Shahida Dilawar came up with a thought-provoking piece on the poet. It explored different aspects of Munir Niazi’s poetry.