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493 women assaulted during 2003

MULTAN -Human Rights Commission report revealed that at least 493 women were sexually assaulted in south Punjab (Comprising Multan, Bahawalpur and Dera Chazi Khan divisions during the year 2003. Of them 220 women were umnarried and 273 -were married while 575 women were kidnapped during the year.

Multan Chapter report revealed that total 493 women including 220 unmarried woman and 273 married women were sexually assaulted in south Punjab during a vear while 89 women were killed in the name of honour. Of them 56 were married and 33 were unmarried. 33 women were killed by their husbands, 27 by real brothers, 1 1 by fathers, 7 by sons and 1 1 by other relatives”.Rashid Rehman.Khan of HRCP said that total 129 persons com­mitted suicides following financial or domestic problems, of them 81 were men and 48 women.

Report further revealed that 484 men and 146 women were murdered following land disputes, old enmities, illicit ties, and other disputes. A number of 177 children were sexually assaulted, of them i18 were boys and 59 were girls. 12 children were killed after committing sexual assault on them while total 65 hildren were killed and Six children were burnt to death by acid thro wers.Three women were killed for bringing fewer dowries than being expected by their in-laws, 54 women were murdered for refusal to the man of parents’ choice, and 103 women were murdered ing domestic feuds. The courts awarded death sentence to
1.86 accused including a woman on murder charge.

Source: The Nation