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3G/4G technology to stir growth in business

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KARACHI: With the advent of 3G/4G technology in Pakistan, businesses will witness robust growth in the coming years, as the demand for the technology is tremendous.

This was stated by Shariq Rehman, West Country Manager— Oracle Pakistan and South Asia Growing Economies. The speedy broadband service will empower customers and organization to bridge demands of each other and interact consistently to receive better services and business. In developed countries, the various trends have been emerged to deal business on mobile phone handsets however it is in evolutionary stages in Pakistan and will be quickening in the near future.

Whether it is telecom sector or banking, manufacturing sector, utilities or logistics, the technology will enable eco-system to boost the productivity of the business with handling of business over handsets. High bandwidth means increase the scope of utility of different services because the mobile desktop and laptop could not be used everywhere as mobile phone, and the applications could be available on mobile handsets in accordance with trend and demand.

The number of mobile subscribers is on the rise in Pakistan crossing 130 million benchmark. Those having smartphones are enabling themselves of using different applications on their handsets for the purpose of business and entertainment. The adoptability of new applications, services and packages are extremely good in Pakistan as far as response time is concerned however it is depending on organization how it meets the expectation of its targeted customers and attract them towards new value-added services.
The telecom companies operating in Pakistan could compete with their rival companies if their time-to-market is fastest which could be done through their integrated and automated backend systems and enterprises planning. This will help different mobile companies to address the needs of the customers rightly on the right time through offering them best available value-added services with strengthening their networks.

The enterprise wise plan is gradual process for long-term period based on three to five years market plans. The investment should be planed for long-term basis but it should be generic to get plugging in new emerging features and devices in the coming years. The telecom, banks and manufacturing sectors are adopting new technology easily in their systems however enterprises are not updating their back-end to scale up their capacities of enhancing business and facilitation customers.

Interestingly the adaptation of new technology is getting increase in Pakistan with the rising maturity level of IT among the customers despite of the fact the investment on any new thing takes time in Pakistan due to cost sensitive approach by local market. On the contrary, the level of advancement in different sectors mainly in banking and telecom is high in developed economies because their decision of investments are faster comparatively on the back of sound financial backup.

In Pakistan, middleware solution could enhance productivity and efficiency of the business. It connects different applications within and with database or software of the system. It involves integration and enhances efficiency of the existing system. The complete end-to-end solution introduces automation as well with various benefits to businesses. The middleware is being popular in Pakistan as companies in banking, manufacturing and telecom sectors with their customized systems needs to upgrade them to address their emerging needs in accordance with customers demand and market needs.

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