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34 women declared Kari, killed in Feb: PCHR

BAHAWALPUR – In the last month, 34 women and two men were killed by declaring them Kari while 174 people including 45 women committed suicide and 40 people were sexually harassed, disclosed Muhammad Baqaruz Zaman, a representative of the Pakistan Commission for Human Rights, at Liaquatpur.

However, 58 people including 21 women attempted suicide but were saved during the period, he added talking to the media. He said out of the 174 people, 76 committed suicide in frustration of household disputes, 28 committed suicide due to financial problems in these incidents 70 people committed suicide by taking poison, 45 shot themselves and 32 committed suicide by hanging themselves.

Moreover, he added, 91 incidents of suicide appeared in Punjab, 30 in Sindh and remaining incidents occurred in Balochistan and Khaiber Pakhtoonkhwa from which 18 women and 16 men were unmarried.
Large amount of persons committed suicide were aged between 16 to 35 years.

During this period, 58 people attempted suicide but saved by timely medical treatment from which 21 were women, some of them were married and most of them belonged to Southern Punjab.
He further said that out of those were killed by declaring Kari, 34 belonged to Sindh while 4 of which belonged to Balochistan; 14 of them were killed by husbands, 3 were killed by brothers and others were killed by family relatives which also includes 18 years old Reema Mirrani who was killed by father and brother while Balochistan’s Hameeda Mai was killed by his relative Arbelo Jamali by firing. In these incidents all victims were unmarried which aged between 18 to 35 years old.

According to the report 40 people were sexually harassed from which 31 were women. 9 of these incidents were appeared in Sindh while rest of them was found in Punjab and these victims were aged between 10 to 17 years old.

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