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231 child abusecases in 2004′

231 child abusecases in 2004′

KARACHI. The incidents of violence against children are increasing in Pakistan and one can easily gauge the severity of the problem by the fact that since January 2004, 1684 different cases of physical and sexual violence have been reported in the print media.

The breakdown of collected data claims that out of total reported 1684 cases, there were 694 cases of child murder, both boys and girls, 191 cases of rape, 98 cases of gang rape, 146 cases of sodomy, 52 cases of gang sodomy, 167 cases of attempted rape or sodomy and 280 cases of severe torture. The data also claims 52 extremely brutal cases of rape or sodomy in which the girl or boy has also been killed after the sex­ual violence, according to Madadgar, a joint venture of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (LHRLA) and UNICEF.

The breakdown of total 1684 collected cases showed that 95 cases were reported in January, 123 in February, 127 in March, 115 in April, 156 in May, 208 in June, 173 in July, 126 in August, 178 in September, 143 in October, 149 in November and 91 cases of physical and sexual violence were reported in the December 2004.

Madadgaar research on violence against children also claimed that during the year 2004, 694 innocent children were brutally murdered and breakdown of the data informed that on an average 50 children were murdered in every month of the year 2004. The collected data revealed that in January 26 children, both boys and girls, were murdered, in February 54, in March 57, in April 40, in May 73, in June 73, in July 68, in August 54, in September 87, in October 61, in November 73 and in December 2004 murder of 28 children was reported in the national and vernacular press.

Zia Ahmed Awan, president LHRLA, while commenenting on the situation said that Pakistan has adopted many child fights instruments to ensure the protection of children in the country but he main­tained that current mechanisms are not being able to implement these instruments in letter and in spirit.

The human rights lawyer added that the future of the country EA in our children and their protection from physical and social hazards is a prerequisite for proper development of children to ensure future progress and prosperity of the country. He said that legislation is one of the vital instruments for deterring the elements leading to violation of children’s rights and threatening survival, protection and development of children. It can be used as an effective vehicle for promoting social stability, promote social reforms and through the process of law, secure the well being of children.

Madadgaar research said that during the year 867 cases of violence were occurred against boys while 817 cases were reported against the girl’s child.

Madadgaar database Program Officer, Rashid Hussain Ansari, informed that traditionally children have been amongst the most vulnerable sectors of society when it comes to abuse, since they are not physically strong enough to challenge the molesting adult who is larger, stronger and older. The data expert further said that children are dependent on adults for protection and care, and cannot resist adults who are stronger and can argue or exercise physical authority.

The data showed that most of the child abuse cases were reported in Punjab (972), Sindh (490),NWFP (167) and Balochistan(55). The Madadgaar research alsohighlighted that during the year 237 cases of child physical and sexual abuse were reported in Lahore, 231 cases in Karachi, 64 in Peshawar, 30 in Quetta, 72 in Multan, 51 in Gujranwala, 32 in Hyderabad, 38 in Rawalpindi, 3 1 in Sargodha, 24 in Sukkur, 25 in Faisalabad, 11 in Larkana, 27 in Khairpur and 21 cases reported in the federal capital, Islamabad.

The research divulged that poor economic conditions, poverty, unemployment, the low status of girls, lack of education and awareness, eroticisation of children through Internet, inadequate legislation/implementation and poor law enforcement all contribute to the increasing cases of violence against children.

Source: Daily Times