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205 women gang raped in 10 months

By: Jam Sajjad Hussain

LAHORE – Despite the tall claims made by the police department and other law enforcement agencies to curb the criminal gangs, crimes have shot up across the province during the first 10 months of 2010 as compared to last year.

The data (from January to October 2010) furnished by an anonymous senior police official shows that total 46,071 crime incidents took place in 2010 so far while 44,798 incidents occurred in 2009. The difference was calculated of 1,273 incidents and the crime increased by three percent.

The crime regarding property increased by nine percent and difference was reported 6,680 as 75,140 incidents occurred in 2009 while 81,820 incidents occurred in 2010 during 10 months.

“The gang rape incidents increased by 14 percent in 10 months with difference of 25 incidents as total 180 women were victimised of gang rape in 2009 while the lives of 205 women have been spoiled in corresponding period in 2010,” said official documents.
The rape cases also increased by 11 percent as 2,037 incidents took place in 2009 while 2,251 unpleasant incidents occurred in 2010. The crime vis-à-vis kidnapping/abduction shot up by 13 percent as total 11,603 people were picked in 2010 while 10,296 incidents took place in 2009. However, the incidents of kidnapping for ransom decreased by 23 percent. According to official documents, total 5,012 people were butchered in 10 months of 2009 while 5,287 people were killed in corresponding period of new year and the crime increased by five percent.

Total 6,252 incidents of attempted murder took place in 2010 while 5,856 occurred in 2009 and the difference was reported 396 and crime increased by seven percent.

The dacoity (395 PPC) cases increased by 13 percent, robberies (PPC 392) by 15 percent, motor vehicle (MV) snatching by 16 percent, burglary by 9 per cent, extortion (382 PPC) by 11 percent, MV theft by 29 percent and other theft cases increased by 4 percent during this span of time. The numbers of POs also increased by 13 percent while the number of court absconders (CAs) shot up by 64 percent this year. The documents further show that no less than 2010 cases of dacoity bids, 11,914 cases of robbery, about 4,203 cases of MV snatching, 9,903 cases of burglary, 1,752 of extortion, 11,790 of MV theft and 25,874 cases of other theft occurred in last year while 2,271 cases, 13,729, 4,891, 10,769, 1,951, 15,264 and 26,937 cases of same natures were traced during 10 months of current year.

As per official document, the number of POs increased by 13 percent as about 56,031 POs were reported from January to October last year while 63,350 POs emerged this year with reported difference of 7,319 incidents.

The documents said as many as 24,913 CAs were reported roaming across the Punjab from January to October last year while the ratio has increased by 64 percent with difference reported to 16,021.

According to official figures, police encounters with gangsters however decreased by 11 percent as cases that were 259 in 2009 decreased to 230. However, 36 police officers/jawans embraced martyrdom with sharp increase by 50 percent as total 24 officials were martyred in last year and 61 got injured in these encounters while 177 outlaws were killed and 201 arrested.
Source: The Nation