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بلاگرز اور انسانی حقوق کے کارکنوں کے لئے حفاظتی تربیتی ورکشاپ

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پاکستان پریس فاؤنڈیشن (پی پی ایف) نے بلاگرزاورانسانی حقوق کےحامیوں سےلاہورمیں تین روزہ حفاظتی تربیتی ورکشاپ کےلئےدرخواستیں طلب کرنی شروع کردی ہیں۔ تربیت میں جسمانی،ڈیجیٹل اورنفسیاتی تحفظ سےمتعلق سیشنزہوں گے۔ آزادی اظہار رائے کو لاحق خطرات کے بدلتے ہوئے منظر نامے پر ایک نظر ڈالیں تو یہ ظاہر ہوتا ہے کہ یہ خطرات متواتر طور پر […]

Pakistan Press Foundation asks for explanation from Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) why it has sent a notice to senior television anchor

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) has asked the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to provide an explanation for the basis of issuing a notice to senior anchorperson Nadeem Malik in connection with information he shared on an episode of his talk show “Nadeem Malik Live” on Samaa TV. PPF is concerned by this development which can be seen as a tool […]

The Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) concerned with the passing of legislation that powers of arrest to the provincial assembly of Punjab

The Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) is concerned with the passing of recent legislation in the Punjab Assembly regarding powers of arrest granted to the assembly. While the bill extends these arrests to “any person”, the new law’s schedule includes criteria that would specifically target the media. On June 29, the provincial assembly passed the Punjab […]

Journalists protest against “Members Privilege Bill” today

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHORE: Journalists will stage a protest demonstration against the black law “Members Privilege Bill” in front of the Punjab Assembly today (Monday). In this connection, meeting of Joint Action Committee was held at the Lahore Press Club Sunday. Office-bearers of the Lahore Press Club, PFUJs including Workers, Barna and Dastoor, PUJs Workers, Barna, Dastoor and […]

Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) to start new series for paying tribute to music composers

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ISLAMABAD – Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) will start a new series titled “Melody Makers” for paying tribute to the great music composers of Pakistan film industry. In the series, new and popular singers would present their classic songs while special guests would highlight the life and musical contributions of the renowned musicians […]

Senior photojournalist injured in students protest

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Senior photojournalist Sultan Bashir got injured while covering a students’ protest demonstration outside the Higher Education Commission (HEC) headquarters in Sector H-9. While talking to Pakistan Observer, Sultan Bashir who has also worked for the newspaper for almost a decade, recalled it was a usual working day, the first day of the month and he […]