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120 rescued journalists arrive in Pakistan

TORKHAM BORDER- Some 120 foreign Journalists who were stranded in Afghanistan as they did not possess visas to reenter Pakistan, were rescued by Pakistan through special arrangement and arrived in Pakistan.

The journalists had earlier rushed to Jalalabad on hearing of the fall of Kabul, but while they were still awaiting their, onward journey to Kabul, four of their fellow colleagues were killed on way to Kabul, in an ambush.

They decided to return to Pakistan from Jalalabad, but since they did not have visas for reentry into Pakistan, they remained stranded in Afghanistan.

On hearing of their plight, the ministry of information and media development intervened, and requested the interior ministry for grant of special entry to the stranded foreign journalists, which was granted.

The journalists heaved a sigh of relief and gratitude as they entered Pakistan territory at the Pak-Afghan border here today. The journalists included those from CNN, BBC, AFP, TFI, and ZTR etc. They were highly appreciative of the gesture of help shown by the Pakistan government.

Earlier, a similar group of 12 foreign journalists led by George Simpson, anchor person of the ‘BBC’s Simpson’s World’ programme arrived at Torkham from Jalalabad following the news of the killing of four foreign journalists, the Pakistan government through special entry arrangement also helped the group.

Since September 11 when a large number of foreign media representatives came to Pakistan, the government went out of the way to facilitate them to perform their professional duties freely and make their travel and stay comfortable.

Source: Business Recorder