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11th Urdu Conference begins tomorrow

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KARACHI: The 11th International Urdu Conference organised by the Arts Council of Pakistan will be held from November 22 to November 25. Following their yearly protocol, leading intellectuals, poets, researchers and writers from the world, including India, US, China, and the United Kingdom (UK) will participate in this mega event to be held in Karachi Arts Council, Karachi.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Arts Council President Ahmed Shah, said, “It is an honour for us and citizens of Karachi that Urdu Conference is being held for the 11th year. This gives a great opportunity to review literature, culture, music, poetry, painting, dance, drama, education, journalism and film etc.”

Shah further said, “We are lucky that people from different countries and cultures are attending this mega event. After a long time, these kinds of activities are coming back to Karachi, which is a good sign.” Sharing the past experience about the event, Shah lauded the role of media in giving prominent coverage to the event every year, which has made it known in the world especially in South Asian countries.  “Till the second international conference, we used to search for prominent personalities to invite to the event. Now, noted writers and researchers have shown their own interest to attend the conference and contribute in sharing their interests about arts, literature, history and culture etc,” Shah added.

The writers who will attend the conference and take part in different art and literary activities include Raza Ali Abadi from London, Farah Yasmeen Shaikh from USA, Arif Naqvi from Germany, Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim from Egypt, Simon Shah from Paris and Tang Mang Shang from China.

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