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‘Women helped disseminate mystic ideas’

KHAIRPUR: Poet and singer Akhtar Dargahi has said that women in Sindh have played a very productive role in dissemination of mystic philosophy.

Delivering lecture on life and philosophy of great Sufi poet Sachal Sarmast at the Shah Abdul Latif University here on Thursday, Mr Dargahi said that mysticism and mystic poetry ran in his family.

He learnt it from his grandmother Begum Faqirani, who herself was a renowned Sufi singer, he said, adding Sindhi women had played a very productive role in disseminating mysticism.

There was a devoted disciple of Sachal, Ruqqi Bai, who changed her name to Nimano Faqeer, a male name, — perhaps to be able to continue her attachment to the great saint without any stigmatisation by society.

He said that authentic history of Sachal’s life could be found in Bedil’s poetry. Sachal played a great role in softening religious differences, he said.

Almost all Sufi martyrs and Sufi poets, including Shah Inayat Shaheed, Makhdoom Bilawal, Sarmad, Dara Shikoh and Mansoor Hallaj had had their fair share in struggles for social change during their times, he said.

Mysticism was present in Sindh from the time immemorial and evidence showed even Moenjodaro people were not alien to this philosophy, he said.

In her presidential note, SALU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Nilofer Shaikh said that Sachal’s mystic philosophy was recognised internationally and called for making younger generation aware of his mysticism.
Source: Dawn