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YouTube ban continues to haunt students

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Does it make any sense to burn down an entire library just because you don’t agree with the contents of one book? I am a student and I have used YouTube for help in my studies many times, now because of the ban I am unable to access information that can help me in my studies. I know it was banned due to blasphemous content, but the government should understand that thousands of students are losing out on information because of this ban. In future we may see a ban on Facebook, Twitter and even Google in Pakistan. Hate material is not confined to YouTube, it can be found on many other websites as well. However, it would not be possible or advisable to shut everything down. What we need to do is raise awareness against racism, hatred and let the world do what it wants.

This phenomenon is called ‘cloistered virtue’ which is practiced in Saudi Arabia and Iran mostly. Our country can take steps and the PTA can set up a hotline for people to call and register complaints if they find any material bad for our youth or against our beliefs. We should also ask who is benefiting from the ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

Top international universities put their lectures on YouTube and this is a great opportunity for students of developing countries such as Pakistan. Other study-specific content has always been helpful to students as well. I request the responsible of the present government and especially the PTA to see the bigger picture and lift the ban immediately so that, at least, students are not affected.
Karachi, May 3.

Source: The Nation

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