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Youth Festival

By Shoaib Ahmed

LAHORE: Having failed to hold the World Performing Arts Festival owing to financial and security concerns, the Rafi Peer Theater has now decided to hold its annual Youth Festival at the Alhamra Cultural Complex from Dec 3 to 7.

The creative director of the festival, Faizan Pirzada, told Dawn on Wednesday the five-day event would be the third of Youth Festival series in which around 600 boys and girls from various educational institutions and in individual capacity would participate from Lahore.

The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop had completed its correspondence with various colleges, schools and universities and amateur groups. The last named would participate in individual capacity, he said.

He said the Royal Norwegian Embassy was assisting them in the project in which a large number of youngsters would participate with new performances in all three categories — music, theatre and puppetry.

The Lahore-only festival would feature music, theatre and puppetry. A number of new and old musical bands would perform besides bands from various educational institutions, professional bands and vocalists. Theatrical groups also were expected to be part of the festival. He said it would be a non-ticket festival having free entry through passes.

Folk puppetry also would be part of the festival in which youth of traditional puppeteers from Lahore would show up; it would include a number of traditional forms. The young generation through folk puppetry would come to know about the age-old tradition of puppetry.
Source: Daily Times