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‘Writers should pen stories in native languages’

LAHORE: The writers should pen stories in their native languages. The language in which images appeared to them in their subconscious mind and then translate those stories into English for a wider audience, said Dr Robert Reid, a writer and scholar from the United States, while conducting a workshop on ‘Creative Writing’ at the GC University Lahore.

The workshop was organised by GCU Safdar Mir English Literary Circle (SMELC) was attended by the faculty members of the English Literature Department. The participants shared with Dr Reid the problems faced by them while writing and inscribing their experiences in the form of short fiction. Dr Reid emphasised the need and importance of accuracy in creative writing.

In response to a question he mentioned that not every story has to be autobiographical, in fact it shouldn’t be but that every story must be accurate, in terms of its portrayal and representation of experience. Dr Reid also read his story ‘Thaddeus’ and then invited comments and questions from the audience. He also explained the young writers the importance of description and the patterns that describe developing action as the keys to communication in general and particular.

In the second part of the workshop the participants were asked to write a piece of short fiction employing the various devices and techniques explained to them. All participants felt enthused to share their work with other members of the workshop.
Source: Business Recorder