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World powers blamed for HR violation in war zones

TIMERGARA: Speakers at a daylong seminar held in Talash on Sunday alleged that world powers had been violating human rights in conflict-hit zones of South Asia, Africa and other regions despite the UN-passed conventions and treaties regarding rights of the people.

The seminar titled ‘Awareness of human rights’ was organised by a local NGO, Falahi Tanzeem Ahalian-i-Dheri Talash (FTADT) in collaboration with the Strengthening Participatory Organisation (SPO), Islamabad.

Teachers, students, social and political activists and notables of the area attended the seminar. Muslim scholars Mufti Khalid Mehmood, Hamdillah Rahi, president of the local organisation Mohammad Ayaz, Shahid Mehmood and Mohammad Haleem spoke on the occasion.

The participants were informed in detail about UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Convention of Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Constitution of Pakistan 1973.

They said more than 189 states of the world had not only ratified such conventions and treaties but were bound to abide by these. They alleged that powerful states in the world had been violating these international treaties especially in case of Muslim communities.

“Basic human rights are being violated in Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, tribal areas of Pakistan and in many states of Africa,” Mufti Khalid said, adding that there had been no one to take notice of that violation. He said the religion of Islam had been the champion of human rights as it not only recognised these rights but also declared severe punishment for violators.

“These international laws are mere political slogans as the world powers keep silence when Muslims are subjected to violence while the religion of Islam specifies punishment for violators on the Day of Judgment,” he added.

A speaker pointed out that illegal detention, extrajudicial killings, honour related killings, Swara and human trafficking all were against the UN conventions but were being carried out in Pakistan. He called upon the government to take notice of these violations as a signatory of the UDHR, CEDAW and CRC.

The speakers also asked the participants to make them aware of the human rights as one of their rights was to be informed about rights. They urged people to practically abide by human rights.
Source: Dawn