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Workshop on billing in telecoms sector

KARACHI: A sound billing system is necessary for the success of any kind of business, but it needs trained people to work efficiently. As the telecom sector has recorded mushroom growth in recent years, it requires trained people and in this regard a two-day training workshop will be held in Islamabad from December 19-20. It is worth mentioning that the telecom regulator in the country-Pakistan Telecommunication Authority-will sponsor the show. The theme of the workshop is “Effective Billing in Telecoms” and it is part of a telecom training series by ICS provider of business training services and consultancy. The workshop will he conducted by world renowned telecom consultant Jonathan Han, who has rich experience and conducted a number of training workshops and advised companies like AT&T, Saudi Telecom, Cable & Wireless, QFCQM, etc.
Source: B Recorder