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Women’s Crisis Centre opened

KARACHI – Women Crisis Center, the first of its kind in any of the four provinces of Pakistan, Was opened here Tuesday with the objective to help women. exposed to violence and harassment, par­ticularly that of domestic and chauvinistic in nature.

The initiative has been taken by the Sindh Women Development Department follow­ing a meeting of the ministers and officials associated with federal,and provincial women develop­ment ministry and departments in Islamabad on August 2 this year.

Sindh Minister for Women Development, Dr. Saida Malik addressing a media briefmg follow­ing the formal inauguration of the center said the facility was one of the major projects envisaged by the current government committed to the cause of women empowerment.

It was mentioned that initially instances of violence and harass­ment already taken into notice by concerned authorities on basis of reference through media besides those persOnally lodged by a few women, following publication of reports regarding inception of the crisis center in the city, on the very first day – will be addressed by a well trained team comprising, a lawyer, a social worker and a doctor.

According to the minister the Crisis Center established in Karachi would soon be followed by similar facility. at Sukkur and then at district levels across the province as, a measure to restore women confidence enabling them to eschew unnecessary pressures and fear.

It was reminded that the Crisis Center project was envisaged fol­lowing elaborate studies conducted by the department as well as coun­try wide assessments undertaken by CIET Intemational- highlight­ing factors instigating instances of violence against women besides increased vulnerability of women under certain conditions.

Dr. Saida Malik maintained that availability of psychiatrists is also being ensured at the Crisis Center besides provision for voca­tional training for distressed
women adding that involvement of civil society and women profes­sional bodies is also being encour­aged to maintain transparency besides strengthening the acquisi­tion of cited objectives.

She highlighting importance of maximum involvement of different departments stressed that education ministry will be particularly involved to help modify public per­ception regarding violence and abuse. On the occasion she without mincing any words said that the service delivery is no responsibility of the Women Development Department but it has to play the role of catalyst and build linkages between different organiZiition and the community in general.
Source: Daily Times