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Women of Boriri village terrorised by dacoits

This is apropos of the letter ‘Boriri village at the mercy of dacoits’ (May 29).

It is true that once the village was known for its political activism and for holding discourses and dialogues. But now it has been pushed into the wilderness of violence. It is an irony that just three dacoits — Mazan Chandio, Gohar Chandio and Bashir Chandio — have challenged the entire administration of the Dadu district. We believe that this could be possible only when there is political patronage.

Being associated with the Women Action Forum (WAF), Hyderabad, we are receiving messages and phone calls from the women and girls of Boriri village that a reign of terror, coupled with the ineffective administration, has put the village at the mercy of the dacoits.

According to the women in the village, they and their children are not able to sleep properly because of the fear of dacoits every now and then. This situation has been continuing since May 5 when dacoits murdered four villagers at the Khairpur Nathan Shah – Piaro Goth link road.

The continuing terror has created a psycho-trauma effect on the health of women and children. We urge all activists to support the village people who are exposed to the nexus of petty politicians and criminals.

It is unfortunate that the government maintains an indifferent attitude towards the situation. This is encouraging the dacoits who may again attack the village and loot valuables and damage the property of the people.

Member, WAF


SINDH is passing through the worst phase of crime since the rule of Gen Zia. Criminals enjoy the support of some of the legislators. These dacoits target peaceful villages of Sindh.

Boriri had the honour of hosting a number of political gatherings in the 1980s. Those who visited the village were Jam Saqi (Pakistan Communist Party), Ghulam Rasool Saheto (Sindh Hari Committee), Abdul Wahid Arisar (Jeay Sindh Mahaz), Asif Baladi (Jeay Sindh Quami Mahaz), Imdad Chandio and Dr Talib Lashari (both from the Democratic Students Federation) and myself.

It looks strange that the village that has done so much for the restoration of democracy is now being punished by these dacoits under the rule of the party for which this village has given so many sacrifices. What a reward!

I appeal to all people who love Sindh, especially political leaders and workers, who enjoyed the hospitality of the village during martial law, to come forward to support the people of the Boriri village. It is our moral responsibility to save them.

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Source: Dawn