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‘Women economic empowerment key to dignified social life’

ISLAMABAD (August 10 2007): Economic empowerment of women is the key to dignified social life and implementation of inheritance right to them could improve the situation further.

I A Rehman Chairman Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said this while addressing research reports launching ceremony in collaboration with UNDP here on Thursday.

Harmful cultural practices in the name of honour and traditions are a source of torture for people instead of bringing happiness especially for the women as they are perceived as the property or commodity which could be easily sacrificed to diffuse a feud, he argued.

Dr Arifa Syeda, Chairperson National Commission on the Status of Women(NCSW) said keeping in view the women issues for the last three years the Commission has analysed the situation by carrying out UNDP funded study.

She said extensive research and nation-wide consultations helped finalising administrative and legal policy recommendations to ensure the gender equality in family life as well as to ensure the security women life and their economic empowerment.

Arifa said NCSW has completed three research reports ‘concept of justice in Islam: Qisas and Diyat, womens’ right of inheritance and its implementation and ‘impact of family laws on the rights of divorced women.’

Eminent play writer Nor-ul-Huda Shah who has written a lot on the issues of women presided the function and talked about the relevance of these reports in Pakistan in general and in Sindh in particular.

Dr Arifa Syeda Chairperson NCSW thanked the distinguished speakers and talked about the commitment of the Commission to bring meaningful change in the lives of Pakistani women by providing objective analysis and knowledge-based policy input.

The ceremony was well attended by the participants from all walks of life and also by the members of the Commission from FANA, Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab who had a meeting in the morning before launching the ceremony.
Source: Business Recorder