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Women councillors call for ‘just distribution of funds’

SWABI, May 26: The lady councillors of Swabi said on Saturday that they would continue with their protests against the unjust distribution of development funds by the district government.

Led by Saima Sher, they told journalists that a major chunk of the development funds had been given to a few members and supporters of the district nazim, Shahram Khan, while the other members got “peanuts”.

Saima Sher, who belongs to the Awami National Party, said the opposition was forced by the district governments’ attitude to approach the court for getting an equal share in President Musharraf’s Rs100 million development package meant for the Swabi district.

The court directed the district government to share the funds with the opposition but despite that the government had adopted a policy of victimisation.

The women councillors said they were ignored in all priorities. They demanded due share in the development funds and other benefits.

On the other hand, the supporters of the district nazim defended the government and said the opposition had adopted various strategies to defame the government. The opposition is the biggest hurdle in the development of the area, they claimed.

The district nazim, they said, has been taking result-oriented steps for the progress of the district.

They said the efforts of the nazim for the progress of the area would continue and opposition is haunted by popularity of the nazim.
Source: Dawn