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Women asked to strive for due place in society

ISLAMABAD – Science and Technology Minister Chaudhry Nauraiz Shakoor on November 11, urged the women to occupy due place in society, as they were capable of achieving all types of milestones in education, social and political spheres.

“Women have already started proving their worth in our country with a sizable number excelling in all fields, including the political institutions where their representation has given a new dimension to their role in the nation-building,” he said while speaking at the investiture ceremony of the Students Council of Islamabad College for Girls F-6/2.

The director-general of Federal Directorate of Education, Brig (retired) Maqsoodul Hasan, and college principal Shamim Humayun were also present.

The minister said he believed that the youth of Pakistan were the torchbearers of progress and development that had set in different sectors of the society and economy. “On your shoulders rests a responsibility that requires steadfast hard work and determination as that alone would equip you to serve your country and society in a befitting manner,” he said.

Shakoor termed education a key to shape out the destiny of any nation. “I would urge all of you to gear up for playing a constructive role in future in a democratic Pakistan,” he said.

The government has already allocated to women 30 per cent seats in local councils and a sizable representation in the legislative houses.

“This is a landmark dispensation provided by President Musharraf with no parallel in the world,” he said.

Prof Shamim Humayun spoke on different academic and extra-academic activities being pursued in the college, which she said had nurtured thousands of students now serving the community and the country in their roles as mothers, doctors, engineers, civil servants, bankers and educationists/teachers.

She urged the government to provide funds for renovation and enlargement of college laboratories, provision of another computer laboratory, a multi media system, better microscopes, computers for different basic science laboratories and departments and photo copy machines in the college library.

Source: Dawn