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Women allegedly chained for two weeks by husband, released

TALAGANG: A woman who was allegedly kept in chains for two weeks by her husband was recovered by a court bailiff from Talagang’s Sabzi Mandi area on Friday.

Badarun Nisa claims that her husband Gul Zaman and his ‘new’ wife tortured her and abused her for two weeks in an attempt to get her to leave the house.

Badarun Nisa’s elder sister had filed a petition before Justice Manzoor Ahmed Malik of Lahore High Court, saying that Gul Zamam had been keeping Badarun Nisa in chains for weeks. She asked the court to help her recover her sister. The court then appointed a bailiff to go to Gul Zaman’s home and release Badarun Nisa.

However, the story is more complicated than a case of torture or physical abuse. Badrun Nisa’s lawyer says Gul Zaman wanted to steal Badarun Nisa’s money, while Gul Zaman claims that Badarun Nisa has falsely accused him of abusing her in order to force him to divorce his second wife.

Badarun Nisa and Gul Zaman have been married for nine years, according to Gul Zaman. Recently, Gul Zaman contracted another marriage on grounds that Badarun Nisa did not keep him ‘happy’.

“This is Badrun Nisa’s third marriage and my second marriage,” claimed Gul Zaman. Badarun Nisa has alleged that Gul Zaman is married to three women.

“Look, I am prepared to swear that I didn’t abuse her,” said Gul Zaman, talking to reporters.

“This is all a drama; she is trying to get me to divorce my other wife,” he continued. “I would only ask you this, if I was happy with Badarun Nisa why would I marry again?”

On her part, Badarun Nisa says her husband and his new wife abused her together.

“He said he wanted to marry again since I wasn’t bearing children. After he married his other wife he behaved for a while, but then he started physically abusing me again.”

Badarun Nisa’s lawyer, Aiyza Nasir, had this to say: “Before Gul Zaman married his second wife, he had demanded that Badarun Nisa give him money. He wanted all her assets and possessions and took away her inheritance too. After this he began to torture her because he wanted to throw her out of the house. Gul Zaman and his new wife began abusing Badrun Nisa together, depriving her of food and locking her up in a room. They also subjected her to psychological torture.”

Meanwhile, Badarun Nisa has been sent to Darul Aman in Rawalpindi and will appear before the court on Monday.
Source: The Express Tribune