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Women’s surnames

THIS is apropos of Aisha Rahat’s letter, “Pakistani women’s surnames” (Oct 30). I moved from Pakistan and settled in the US.

My high school graduation certificate and college degrees from Pakistan bear my surname Kesrani. My Pakistani passport was issued with my surname as ‘Khatri’.

I applied for admission to American as well as to Canadian universities with my surname as Khatri but I submitted all my certificates with my surname Kesrani. I graduated from American and Canadian universities with my surname Khatri.

I applied for registration as a professional engineer, with my Pakistani certificates bearing surname Kesrani and American and Canadian certificates bearing surname Khatri.

Also, at that time I changed my first name also and used it in my job applications.

I am employed by the government and close to retiring. As of today no one questioned about my different first names and surnames.

The most important information for my name was my Pakistani passport which also had my first name spelt wrong.

Most of the applications had a question asking if any other names had been used. I used to write all my other first and surnames.

Changing the names in certificates by colleges and universities in any country will be a nightmare and is impossible.

Everyone knows that a maiden name is always different from a married one and it is accepted universally.

If she is worried about having a problem using her new surname, then she should mention her maiden name in parenthesis with her married surname. I am positive there will be no problem in Canada or any other country.

United States
Source: Dawn