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Women’s seats

THIS is in response to the letter, “Women’s seats” (Feb 28). There are almost the same number of men and women in Pakistan. Why Mr Shinwari thinks that 15 out of the 342 National Assembly seats is all the representation that women need is beyond logic. A greater number of seats should be reserved not only for women but also for minority groups. That 15 National Assembly seats are only occupied by those who tend to enjoy pay, perks and foreign pleasure trips at public expense, can be said for a lot of the male MNAs as well. This means the whole system under which MNAs operate needs an urgent overhaul.

This does not, however, mean that seats reserved for women should be sacrificed.


WITH reference to Saifullah Khan Shinwari’s letter, ‘Women’s seats’ (Feb 28), one can only feel sorry for his confusion. It seems that he is less than happy about the performance of professional male politicians and for that, as usual, women of Pakistan must be punished.

The writer wants to reduce women’s reserved seats because 15 women have been elected on general seats. This just proves the fact that the general populace in Pakistan supports and trusts women more than many would like. Women have finally realised their democratic rights to contests elections and vote and be in the corridors of power and stand up for their rights as equal citizens of this country.

There is no room for any reversal and we must support increased women representation by increasing more reserved seats for women of our country.
Source: Dawn